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How Valentra™ Works








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Sexual Enhancement for Woman.
Discover the Magic of Valentra!

The Most Effective and Trusted Female Sexual Enhancement Cream on The Market!

Valentra™, typically called the "women's answer to Viagra®" or “Instant Turn-On Cream” is the revolutionary, all-natural, sexual enhancement cream that women trust when it comes to increasing sensitivity and overall stimulation.

Every woman at some point in their life has needed some sort of "jump-start" in their sex life. As our bodies change, so do our hormones, which are understandably called "the fuel" for our sexual machinery. This Doctor-Approved, drug-free formula has helped women around the world realize that sex can be better if YOU want it to be! Do it for yourself!

“I was amazed at how Valentra feels, it has totally improved my sex life over the last 6 months. I will be a lifetime customer. Thanks ZENMED!” HL, FL

As Seen In Cosmopolitan UKAs Seen In Cosmo UK!

Why is Valentra for You?

It’s Safe To Use: We use only the purest, 100% all-natural, irritant-free ingredients. NO HORMONES, NO SIDE-EFFECTS!

It’s Extremely Powerful: Contains active, natural aphrodisiacs for intense arousal.

It’s Fast Working: It only takes 90 seconds to start feeling the effects, and they last!

It Feels Amazing: Creates a unique, warming, tingly feeling that greatly increases libido. Also increases circulation to the genital area to increase sensitivity and help you feel every movement and every touch like never before!

It’s Healthy: pH Balanced, hypo-allergenic, water-based formula that contains essential herbs that protect and rejuvenate delicate tissue.

It’s Tested and Approved: 100% latex condom compatible, Doctor-Approved, and created in an FDA-Approved laboratory. 100% Money Back Guarantee: We offer a 60 day, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, or your money back!

”I never used to have orgasms…until I tried Valentra!”

Read on to learn more about the magic of Valentra…

The Women's Answer to Viagra® has Arrived!
It's safe to assume that everyone has heard of "Viagra® for Men" the medical breakthrough that some are calling "the invention of the century". It has helped turn around the lives of millions of men around the world. Even famous figures are announcing publicly about this once secretive disorder that only now in recent years has been addressed.

Now women ask,"What Can Help Me Ensure a Lifetime of Sexual Pleasure?" Valentra is your answer...

How does it work?
Valentra™, typically called the women's answer to Viagra®, is a silky topical cream derived from a unique blend of all-natural ingredients that you apply to the mucus membrane just underneath the clitoris. The organic ingredients we use such as Damiana leaf (a natural and powerful aphrodisiac), Ginko Biloba (improves circulation and vasodilatation), and Peppermint leaf (relaxes tension and induces natural lubrication) are easily absorbed to start working immediately on the senses. The ZENMED™ Research Team has formulated the perfect combination of ingredients to guarantee maximum stimulation!

Doctor Approved Formula / FDA Approved Laboratories
Valentra™ was created by the joint efforts of the ZENMED™ Research Team, western herbologists, a Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and a naturopath. It was produced by professionals in our state-of-the-art FDA approved laboratories using only 100% pure, natural ingredients.

Bonus: If you are a man and wondering how this will benefit you, wonder no more. Imagine a woman who has just discovered the NEED for sexual pleasure, something you have lived with all of your life. Imagine a lover who will always want to have sex when you do. She will have a genuine long-term desire for more and more sex!

If you haven't had an amazing sexual experience lately, and are wondering why, please read on..

Are you a woman who is menopausal or post-menopausal? Are you suffering from the typical symptoms of menopause, such as vaginal dryness and complete loss of sexual desire? Is your mate just not "turning you on" and you may feel your rejections to his advances may just push him elswhere?

Are you a woman who is having sex with your mate just because you feel "you have to"? Are you wanting to take sex to another level? Or do you want to have some fun by yourself?
Are you a woman who is suffering from generalized female sexual dysfunction and are losing interest in having sex, and risking losing your partner who you love and cherish? Are you on anti-depressants or anxiety drugs that have completely destroyed your libido?
Are you a woman who has just had a baby and are starting to really believe that "there is no sex after a baby"? Does your doctor say it' s "normal" to be having these feelings, but you know better?


All women, all walks of life, it's a good thing you found Valentra!
New research on female sexuality reveals that 43% of women surveyed, report that they have or have had some type of female sexual dysfunction (Laumann, Paik, and Rosen, 1999)

Why should women have to "fake it"?
A recent survey discovered that over 60% of sexually-active women had never experienced an orgasm before, while only 1% of men reported the same thing. Men reading this statistic would find it unbelievable. Now there is no reason for women to fake it ever again! Whether you are women wanting to have an orgasm for the first time, or simply wanting a more intense feeling, or maybe you're a man wanting to give your partner an amazing sexual experience; try Valentra and find out why so many of our customers keep coming back!

“I have been sexually-active since I was 16 and I am now 32. I would laugh when I watched movies and saw women screaming with pleasure (Remember "When Harry met Sally?"). It was then after a long conversation with my girlfriend that I realized that I had never had an orgasm before! Can you believe it? I ordered Valentra after reading about it in a magazine and ordered only because it is has a 100% money back guarantee. From the moment I applied it, my sensitivity went up, as did my sex drive. That same night my husband and I "SHARED" an orgasm. There is no going back now! I recommend any woman in the same situation to not even hesitate ordering this product. THANKS!!!"
L.N., Seattle

Is it Safe?
It is absolutely safe. In fact it’s healthy! Valentra™ is an organic water-based topical cream that uses only natural ingredients, such as aloe vera, ginko biloba and other naturally derived herbal ingredients. No irritants, oils, artificial perfumes or dyes. It’s also safe to use with condoms.

“Hi Zenmed, my name is Carole and I am 50 years old. I have started getting menopausal symptoms as any woman would expect when she reaches my age. Vaginal dryness and loss of sexual desire have been the worst of them. I ordered your product after hearing about “female Viagra®” on television. After receiving the product I decided to try it on myself first before using it together with my husband. All I can say is WOW! (I am blushing as I write this!) Every woman should do this for HERSELF!! I was instantly aroused! I then could not wait to tell my husband about this miracle cream. Well, I am on bottle number 6 now. Thank you Zenmed for helping me capture my youthful desires which I thought were rapidly fleeting!”
CS, California

Why is it so Effective?
We have created and implemented a revolutionary technology called L-Arginine HCL, which is responsible for fast, effective absorption of our key active ingredients. A combination of our transdermal technology and a blend of naturally stimulating ingredients have made Valentra™ the safest and most effective product on the market.
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Bonus: The application process alone is enough to drive you both crazy!

We Guarantee 100% Satisfaction or your Money Back! Valentra™ is a true scientific breakthrough and because of our extensive research which includes hundreds of personal testimonials we've received from satisfied and repeat customers, we are so confident that Valentra™ will work for you we offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee! The same guarantee we offer on all of our ZENMED products!

“I bought Valentra for myself (I am single) last month. I do not leave the house in the morning without rubbing some on after the shower. I go to work feeling soooooo good and relaxed, my co-workers always think I have just gotten lucky. Ha! If they only knew! Thanks guys!” M.N. Washington

“I have been using Valentra on my girlfriend for the past three months. Our sex life was getting to be very mechanical and repetitive, and our relationship was on the brink of ending because of it. But now that I can rub on this ‘magical cream’,it gives us a different starting point and takes us to a whole new level! I will definitely continue to use it.”
T.K., California

"I will admit I bought this product for no particular reason whatsoever, except curiosity. I mean for someone to offer a money back guarantee must mean that they are quite confident. I felt so compelled to write in only after IT STOOD UP TO EVERY CLAIM IT MADE! I have also told my girlfriends about it. Excellent product!" R.R. Montana

(click here for more testimonials)

Take charge of your sex life and make "okay" sex into an ABSOLUTELY MIND BLOWING PHENOMENAL PLEASURE!

As always with the ZENMED™ label, you get the promise of only the highest quality ingredients, service and SATISFACTION GUARANTEED! Your order will be sent to you in a discreet, FEDEX envelope with no indication of the contents. Your credit card will also be billed discreetly with no mention of the details of your order.

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